What happens to all the old gadgets now that Santa has delivered shiny new ones?

With iPhone 5 expected to drive the biggest upgrade in consumer history, add into that the Samsung Galaxy SIII that has made its way into the hands of over 20 million users in 100 days, there are or will be an abundance of unused phones and devices cluttering up the kitchen junk drawer.Recycling is an option, but how does it work after you have ‘simply popped’ your old phone into the pre-addressed envelope?

You can always opt to use an application like Checkmend (.com) that checks the history of any electronic device before you send it. If you didn’t buy your phone from a reputable shop, perhaps in an online auction, it may be worth considering, as your phone will be returned if its history is dubious.

Then, aside from you getting a cheque in the post, often chances are that once your phone has been wiped of data it will find a new loving owner in a developing county like India, China, Africa or Pakistan, where there are very few landlines.

Before you get a warm fuzzy feeling about connecting poorer people throughout the world its worth remembering that the recycling company you choose don’t donate your handset, they sell it. Hence how your payment is feasible.

If your phone is broken or unusable, you won’t get any money for it but it can still be recycled. Did you know your handset contains precious metals like silver and gold? The flash memory can be re-used and the plastic can be melted down and turned into something else, such as a road cone. Fancy that, your old iPhone is now an iCone!

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