The Unboxing Experience – Apple iPhone 6 launch

With today being the launch of the iPhone 6, call us packaging geeks, but we are just as excited to see the box, touch the packaging, smell the newness, and watch the handset glide into our hands. We kinda want to see the new iPhone too…

Rumour has it that Apple have an Unboxing Room, where they ensure in minute detail that their customers unboxing experience is nothing short of breath taking. Therefore, as folks striving for Apple’s perfection, we have decided to focus on the very same subject.

What should the Unboxing Experience deliver?

LOVE… is the long and the short of it. Your customer may well have purchased a reconditioned phone, but they still expect that phone to come in a shiny new package that glids open with minimal effort and produces a little kick of adrenalin as the lid slowly reveals the gadget within.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we are NOW stocking a new range of Printed Stock Boxes from those clever chaps at Pak’d.

With eight inspirational designs to choose from, pre-printed with various lifestyle images to suit different customers and markets, these boxes will add a bit of wow to your customers unboxing experience from the second they see their new purchase.

I have selected the Da Vinci model to illustrate my point further;

A High Quality Mobile Handset box suitable for retail packaging all reconditioned and refurbished Smart Phone handsets. The printing methods that we use to manufacture our mobile phone cartons are as employed by Original Mobile Equipment Manufacturers such as Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia and Samsung.


The lid section of this Stock Printed Mobile Handset box is manufactured from FSC approved cardboard using a combination of Litho printing with a Matt varnish finish applied to the body of the main panels, with text and device feature icons further highlighted in a high sheen Gloss varnish.

The base of this carton is manufactured from our proprietary textured Micro-embossed recycled cardboard, achieving a low reflection luxury OEM style finish.

The inner platform of the base section features our innovative configurable locking tabs, allowing multiple mobile handset sizes to be easily accommodated and held securely within the carton. This mobile handset carton is designed to meet and exceed industry standard Drop testing, providing a high level of damage protection and crush resistance during transit.

Need I say more!

Pulp Fiction? No, Pulp Fact…

I know I’m always banging on about the speed in which the mobile device industry moves, and it is with very good reason. Our design team have once again been wielding their rulers and have redesigned our popular Smartphone Pulp Insert Tray so that it can now hold new larger phones such as Samsung Galaxy S5 & Sony Xperia Z2. After all, how would the Unboxing Experience be if the phone is either rattling around inside the gorgeous box, or worse still, jammed in so tight that the customer needs a crowbar to extract it?

For the largest mainstream smartphones


Our Smartphone moulded pulp inserts have been C.A.D designed to comprehensively incorporate all conventional Smartphone mobile handsets.

The handset cavity is formed in our registered “cross” design format, allowing multiple device footprints to share the same insert allowing maximum diversity. The angled walls of our smart phone pulp insert have been designed to allow the smallest to the largest Smartphones to sit squarely and securely within the insert tray while the mains power supply, user guide, battery and other accessories are held neatly below in special cavities formed by the extended inner fittings of the Smartphone carton.

Coming October 2014…

What makes a successful Unboxing Experience?

Below is a quote from Jonathan Ives (Apple), which I think sums up the Unboxing Experience:

“Steve [Jobs] and I spend a lot of time on the packaging,” said Ive. “I love the process of unpacking something. You design a ritual of unpacking to make the product feel special. Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.”

That statement alone got me thinking: How many people keep their Apple packaging when they buy a new product? I know I do.

I enjoyed this insightful article, click here to read more

and the ‘Accidental Unboxing Experience’…

After offering to get us coffees on the way into the office, our MD had this unfortunate Unboxing Experience which ranked pretty high on the arrrrgggggghhhh list, and is likely to leave us thirsty in the future. Oh, and to add insult to it, the car was brand new. Let’s see if he can come up with something better…coming to a Costa near you soon!

Pioneers of packaging – Jonathan Ive

He is the designer of many of Apple’s products, including the MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iOS 7. Steve Jobs considered Ive to be his “spiritual partner at Apple,” while Fortune magazine stated in 2010 that Ive’s designs have “set the course not just for Apple but for design more broadly”.

Ive stated in March 2014, that he hopes that his best work is yet to emerge and that he prefers to be identified as a maker of products, rather than a designer. Ive believes that there is “a resurgence of the idea of craft” in 2014.

Let’s just hope that some of Ive’s creativity is hanging in the air, he was born just 2 miles from our office (Chingford, North London).

and finally, we like to leave you with a smile, so enjoy these Packaging Fails…

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