The surprising profits behind ‘Unboxing’ videos…

Christmas is almost upon us, which means that Youtube is about to be swamped by unboxing videos. For anyone yet to stumble upon this bizarre genre, these clips involve a disembodied, monotonal voice providing the narration as the latest high-tech gadget is released from its packaging. Far from attracting the limited attention many would feel they would deserve, unboxing videos are a highly lucrative, fiercely competitive market in the world of viral video. Get it right though, and you could stand to make a small fortune.

A quick search for the highest viewed Youtube video throws up some pretty staggering results. At the top of the list is a video titled ‘Unboxing New Spiderman Battery-Powered Ride’. The viewcount? Just under 139 million views. And with some Youtubers reported to make between £2 to £3 per thousand, the money-making potential is pretty amazing.

But what is the reason for their success?

According to a spokesperson for FluffyJet, a toy brand well acquainted with the viral potential of these videos, “It is a real mystery, literally. Kids seem to love the mystery of seeing what’s inside the surprise and seeing all their favourite toy characters.”

The same goes for the latest smartphones and other electronic gadgets.

Upon the unveiling of each new model, the major phone brands around the world will actively seek out these Youtubers in an attempt to drum up some initial excitement about their product. Youtube channel ‘Unbox Therapy’ is frequently one of the first to get its hands on highly anticipated smartphones. The motto for this channel is ‘where products get naked’, so for many people watching, it is a chance to get up close and personal with the latest hot product on the market.

Everyone loves the feeling of taking off that sleek packaging and discovering the gorgeous technology within. As FluffyJet found out, the act of unboxing is just like that feeling of waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping your presents. Only, for many of us, instead of finding out which cartoon character you’re sporting on your socks this year, there’s something amazing within.

Above all, and as people are discovering with the massive success of unboxing videos, there is a real art to packaging. Often it is the process of unwrapping that is the most exciting part. We at Cellpak believe that the unboxing experience should be a memorable one, so get your cameras ready!