Product launches: How to increase awareness and generate interest

When it comes to the personal electronics industry, the design is often as important as functionality. While an impressive product specification may generate interest, a high-quality device combined with exceptional and thoughtful design can increase desirability considerably.

This is particularly true of Laptops, Tablets and Mobile handsets. Due to the nature of these products, the functionality will drive the main embodiment of the design, however, manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware that it is the small but unique features, use of materials, finishes and design touches that will ultimately endear the device to the consumer.

However, it isn’t just product design that can determine whether a new gadget succeeds or fails. The user experience begins prior to purchase and, in many cases, starts before a product has even launched.

Due to this, it’s essential that companies market and present upcoming electronic products in engaging ways, using well designed Branded Product Packaging to convey the ideology behind a new product, they can generate consumer interest and build excitement towards a successful launch.

Increasing consumer interest

In many instances, it can be the quality and structure of the Device Packaging that will determine whether or not an initial buzz is created around a new product. Only by investing time and thought into your Packaging Design can you ensure that your brand message is delivered with clarity to your potential customers. Quirky and compelling marketing around the product Unboxing may even secure coverage in news feeds and online industry blogs. This, in turn, increases the reach of your marketing and enables you to attract more consumers.

There can be no doubt that Apple, for example, continually revolutionise the industry when they incorporate new production materials, device features and packaging formats into their product range, whilst their actual software and user experience itself typically evolves at a slower rate.

While many businesses focus on the product launch as the start of the user experience, this approach overlooks a key aspect of consumer behaviour. It is the pre-launch marketing strategy which can entice customers and create a buzz in the industry.

With awareness being the first step to customer action, it’s vital that brands use pre-launch to boost consumer interest. When brands heed the importance of pre-launch marketing, they can increase pre-orders, generate increased revenue and benefit from a greater market share. Using Device packaging ‘teaser shots’ and videos are a great example of this, setting the scene for the big reveal.

Launch through to delivery

Of course, for a product to truly succeed, companies must ensure that their brand message is clear at all times. Rather than viewing a box as simply a way of safely delivering the finished product to the consumer, why not use the packaging to provide a unique user experience? Innovative Product Packaging and Creative Design, can, in itself, create consumer awareness, as well as satisfying existing customers.

Amazon’s range of Tablets and E-readers, for example, may appear to be packaged in relatively ‘plain jane’ materials. However, their choice of packaging highlights the slim-line design of the products and the ease of transportation. It’s easy to see that Amazon has used their packaging to reflect some key messages of the product itself.

By investing in product packaging, a Technology Business can increase brand loyalty and encourage consumers to become invested in their product ranges. With many consumers fiercely loyal to specific brands, it’s easy to see how successful the use of well-considered packaging materials can be, particularly when combined with great quality mobile devices.

If you want to enhance the customer journey by using New Materials or Printing techniques or drive customer satisfaction by delivering Innovative Product Packaging, why not contact us today?