Personalised Print – SIM card & support materials

Over recent months we have developed a process that enables us to fully personalise your print, whether that be SIM cards, supporting materials, packaging or indeed all of the above. The impact of a fully personalised SIM card/SIM pack arriving in your customer’s hand is nothing if not impressive; the SIM card could not only have your customer’s name printed on it, but also their phone number. This process in itself doesn’t sound like months of ground breaking development I’ll admit, however don’t be fooled, it was.

Ready for the ground breaking bit? Your data would be securely uploaded by you and at the push of a button we will print it, and hey presto!

Now you’re thinking that you have your own brand and that a generic line of text on your SIMs isn’t going to wow anyone, fear not, we’ve got that covered too. We can print in-brand i.e any font, in any colour and can incorporate your logo or even a photo if that’s what your brand requires. Surely now you’re impressed, or at least think your customer’s would be.

We’ve created this simple infographic to explain the process:

Personalised print and Sim-Centric working together to provide you with the ultimate fulfillment service. Below is a quick recap of what our Sim-Centric service provides.

Sim-Centric is our proprietary Cloud Platform service for Mobile Operators. Providing
multi-channel inventory and web-order fulfillment system for SIM cards, together with and complementing our branded SIM card packaging, SIM inventory management and Managed Order fulfillment operations.

Your SIM card inventory is stored at our secure Greater London location. Cellpak directly distributes your fully branded packaged SIM cards, complete with personalised print and custom designed packaging.

We receive your order data files via API or SFTP, distributing your SIM cards complete with personalised letter and custom designed packaging – to any UK or international address.

Order and inventory data capture is reported via the Sim-Centric Operator Portal, with additional option of a daily dispatch report file so that client CRM systems can be updated with MSISDN/ICCID against subscriber details.

Sim-Centric is quickly and easily integrated into e-commerce website’s via Secure API with additional support for SFTP file transfer, to automate the receiving, processing and fulfillment of orders.