Pakd Explains

On these pages Pak’d Explains how material selection and efficient design help to produce fit for purpose packaging that doesn’t cost the earth.

Pak’d stands out as an industry leader in providing product packaging solutions by prioritising environmentally harmonious materials whenever feasible. Through innovative approaches and a commitment to sustainability, Pak’d design product packaging to be eco-friendly, using biodegradable and recyclable materials to underscore our dedication to minimising environmental impacts.

By incorporating renewable resources and reducing reliance on single use plastics, Pak’d ensures its packaging solutions align with eco-conscious consumer preferences. Our packaging solutions optimise material usage, thereby reducing waste and enhancing overall efficiency.

Pak’d strategic emphasis on environmental stewardship not only underscores its leadership in the packaging industry but also resonates with our customers seeking cutting edge packaging design utilising sustainable packaging materials.



FEFCO is the European Standard for standard packaging solutions. If you order standard cardboard boxes and packing cases, you will soon become familiar with their FEFCO code.


Moulded Pulp Packaging

We manufacture high quality rigid board boxes with lids for Mobile phone & Tablet packaging, High End Retail Cartons and Luxury gift products.


Corrugated Cardboard Information

We produce high end Luxury branded packaging for any number of products and industry sectors, everything from Mail Order boxes, Device Packaging, Influencer Cartons, Clothing brand Mailers and Luxury Beverage Packaging


GPU Packaging

Packaging and protecting high value Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) during transport and in retail involves a combination of corrugated outer carton, specialised protective packaging materials and secure sealing, all supporting careful handling to ensure that the GPU arrives intact and undamaged at its destination.

Here we discuss how Pak’d can design and produce secure, environmentally and user friendly GPU product packaging that can be fully printed with the manufacturers branding.