Corrugated Boxes & Cartons

Our business was built on the manufacture of Corrugated Cartons and they still represent a large percentage of our core business. In a world where ethical and sustainable manufacturing has become key, we believe that the humble brown Corrugated box represents the original recycled, recyclable and even reusable product.

Specialist Corrugated Boxes

Although we are weirdly passionate about them, we get it, sometimes a plain brown box just doesn’t cut the mustard. Fortunately, we have some options for you, we can incorporate your branding in a high quality litho-print process in which lithographic preprinted cardboard sheets are laminated to the outer surface of the corrugated board prior to the die-cutting process.

We can also produce exquisite looking boxes manufactured with fully colour dyed corrugated board, including the fluting, in a number of different eye catching shades including triple black corrugated and triple white corrugated boards. Really when it comes to adding a touch of uniqueness to your corrugated cartons, we will not disappoint.

Standard Slotted Corrugated Boxes & Shipping Cartons

The humble ‘4 flap’ 0201 / 0203 corrugated carton is the go-too corrugated box solution for many a customer and for good reason. Essentially no tooling is required to produce these cartons meaning 0201 / 0203 carton production is very cost effective, even for very low production runs. 0201 and 0203 cartons can be printed via a flexo print process which applies normally 1 or 2 basic line colours to the outer panels of the carton during the slotting process.

We can incorporate hand holes into cartons during production and the cartons will either be glued or wire stitched depending on the carrying weight capacity and size. Slotted 0201 or 0203 cartons can be produced in single or double wall corrugated board, generally the rule is, the larger the carton the heavier the grade of board specified but there are exceptions.

Please visit our e-commerce website to view our list of stock corrugated shipping boxes and packing cartons.

Die Cut Corrugated Boxes & E-commerce Mailers

For overall usability die-cut corrugated cartons take some beating, they are generally very strong due to incorporating double folded sections and can be assembled without the need for adhesive tape making them ideal for e-commerce packaging where they can be quickly assembled and dispatched by an order fulfilment department or distibution centre.

Die-cut cartons can also be stored flat meaning that they take up minimal space in storage. Die-cut corrugated cartons can be designed to incorporate internal fittings and can be window patched allowing the contents to be displayed through a film window. Window patched corrugated cartons are typically used for retail product packaging such as Toy or Cosmetics cartons.

Printing onto die-cut cartons is a straight forward process and is usually flexo print, however higher quality print can be achieved by utilising lithographic pre-printed cardboard sheets and laminating them to the outer surface of the corrugated board prior to the die-cutting process. The industry term for this corrugated box printing method is litho-laminating. Die-cut corrugated boxes can be successfully produced in micro flutes such as G-flute, and N-flute as well as E-flute. They can also be manufactured in standard single wall B-flute and C-flute, occasionally they are manufactured in double wall corrugated such as E/B-flute and B/C flute.

“Although we are weirdly passionate about them, we get it, sometimes a plain brown box just doesn’t cut the mustard.”