Die-Cut & Window

In the world of packaging solutions, die-cut window-patched corrugated boxes stand out as versatile and visually appealing options.

Achieving high-quality print on these boxes is seamless, often through flexo printing. For even superior print quality, lithographic pre-printed cardboard sheets can be laminated onto the outer surface before the die-cutting process, known as litho-laminating.

“Die-cut board & corrugated retail cartons with film windows, allowing your products to be showcased”

This technique enhances the aesthetic appeal of these boxes. Die-cut window-patched corrugated boxes can be crafted in various board types, from solid board, micro-flutes like G-flute and N-flute to standard single-wall options like B-flute and C-flute, or even double-wall combinations like E/B-flute and B/C flute.

Their durability and visual charm make them a popular choice across diverse industries.