Branded & Promo

Trust us to produce promotional packaging, pitch samples and retail packaging mock-ups. We can produce three-dimensional working packaging prototypes which enable our customers to present and envisage how their product packaging will look.

Elevate your promotional campaigns with our personalised packaging solutions.

We excel in producing distinctive branded promotional packaging designed to amplify your marketing efforts. Through a fusion of creative print and bespoke packaging design, our team collaborates with you to capture the essence of your brand in every detail. We leverage high-quality materials and creative printing methods to manfacture eye-catching packaging that not only showcases your promotional items but also leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

Setting your Brand apart in a Competitive Market

At Pakd, we take pride in our hand-finished promotional packaging. Our skilled hand-finishing team meticulously incorporate various finishing techniques to elevate the visual and tactile appeal of your promotional materials. Each product receives a personalised touch that radiates quality and uniqueness. This commitment to handcrafted excellence ensures that your promotional packaging not only stands out but also communicates a sense of prestige and attention to detail. Let your brand shine, a new standard for promotional presentation.