Our roots are in the packaging industry and we specialise in packaging and value-added services for high value assets such as Mobile phones and Personal handheld devices but with vast experience in both Transit packaging and Retail packaging we also support many other sectors with our packaging solutions.

Product packaging is something we have an in-depth understanding of, especially in the Tech device industry. We offer a range of packaging design and development services to ensure the correct look, function and practicality, whilst ensuring the demands of distribution, environmental and competitiveness are met.

Producing packaging has become an increasingly complex process, as the number of functions packaging plays has grown. Our packaging development team are able to advise on every aspect from the ideal construction method to the long-term sustainability of the packaging. Whilst our graphic design team is able to ensure a brand enhancing look which meets your marketing requirements.

Through design and development, we are able to create complex packaging styles and graphics to give your product a competitive edge on the shelf. It is not just about the look of the packaging though, we use rigorous sampling and prototyping to assess all packaging designs in relation to environment impact, cost and durability.


Branded & Promo

Trust us to produce short-run Promotional packaging, Pitch samples and Retail packaging mock-ups.


Box & Lids

We manufacture high quality rigid board boxes with lids for Mobile phone & Tablet packaging, High End Retail Cartons and Luxury gift products.


Device & Luxury

We produce high end Luxury branded packaging for any number of products and industry sectors, everything from Mail Order boxes, Device Packaging, Influencer Cartons, Clothing brand Mailers and Luxury Beverage Packaging


Die-Cut & Window

In the world of retail packaging, die-cut window-patched corrugated boxes stand out as versatile and visually appealing product presentation packaging options. 


Fittings & Inserts

Regardless of whether the job of the box is to present a single product to a consumer or a shipping box which must hold and protect multiple products whilst in transit, one of the necessities of placing products into a box is that the box will require a Die Cut insert or Moulded fitting.


Mail Order & Transit

We have produced Mail order boxes and Transit cartons for many businesses who sell online and ship via mail or courier service. There are a number of technical factors that contribute towards a successful mail order box, namely; strength, security and presentation being the most important.




Based on the principle of Zero plastics, our OkoPak luxury Retail packaging boxes are designed, manufactured and printed with our environment in mind. 



Specialist Corrugated Boxes

Our business was built on the manufacture of Corrugated Cartons and they still represent a large percentage of our core business. In a world where ethical and sustainable manufacturing has become key, we believe that the humble brown Corrugated box represents the original recycled, recyclable and even reusable product.