Out of the box (pack) thinking…

The last comment in our series of Twitter learnings…

A key behaviour that we see from a younger demographic is that when a SIM card is removed from its original packaging, it’s not necessarily going to spend the rest of its life safely inside a phone.

“ANY1 got a Nokia I can put my SIM in to text some1, I’ve got credit.”

When a handset gets broken, or even confiscated by parents, SIM cards are not simply being forgotten, discarded or replaced but being kept. Not just because they contain credit but valuable data such as contacts.

A replacement SIM is of no interest, the original SIM needs to be kept safe and intact for use in another device.

“can’t believe I have lost my SIM card litz wanna cry, inbox me on here if you need me x”

The same is true for the increasingly savvy personal and business traveller who is juggling multiple SIM cards to take advantage of the best local deals.  If your ‘home’ SIM card packaging had additional or reusable SIM card storage slots, it becomes something of value in its own right, less disposable and therefore can offer a greater longevity of branded message and brand association.

There are a number of SIM card holders available for sale from simple plastic cards that fit into an existing wallet’s credit card slot through to luxury leather accessories but we don’t see any mobile operators or MVNOs jumping onto the trend.

We’d love to see more mobile brands exploring the potential of repurposed SIM card packaging, designing SIM wallets/holders that are a cool accessory in themselves.