OkoKarte by Cellpak

In the post Covid19 economy it has never been more important for a consumer-facing product to demonstrate forward-thinking manufacturing techniques that are light on resources and therefore on our environment. OkoKarte by CellPak Solutions has been co-developed with our partners to provide a multifaceted Eco-card solution for Gifting, Voucher and Event. Supported Printing techniques are as per PVC cards with Matt and Gloss laminates, CMYK and Special Colours including metallic finishes. Scanning and Reading Technology is supported with Magstripe and Embedded RFID.

OkoCarte employs 80% FSC approved Wood Pulp Board combined with 20% Plant-Based BioPolymer to create an extremely recyclable Biocomposite material that is Compostable according to the European standard EN 13432 with equivalent strength and rigidity to traditional PVC Cards.

OkoKarte based Cards and associated surplus manufacturing materials are produced from 100% natural renewable resources providing a significant contribution to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions

OkoKarte can be simply recycled and re-pulped along with normal waste paper and cardboard reclaimed via domestic and commercial recycling schemes. During manufacture, OkoKarte consumes approximately 10-15% less energy when compared to PVC Card production.

Cellpak Solutions are able to supply OkoKarte with a Lanyard Hole Pre-Punched accompanied with Naturally Renewable Bamboo and rPET Recycled Plastic based Lanyards.

OkoKarte is exclusive to CellPak solutions. Please get in touch to discuss using OkoCarte for your next card project.