MVNO success in 2012: partnership is key

We are very pleased to have our Breeze service featured in the 2012 Prospectus from PrePaidMVNO covering some of the most innovative businesses in the MVNO arena.

Here’s our quick tips on what to consider when selecting your specialist mobile supply chain partner, that we produced for them:

From the first connection…

As any MVNO consultant worth their salt will tell you: when you decide to launch a branded mobile service, a large part of your success will be determined by your choice of partners.

It’s likely that your first partnership decision will be your choice of Aggregator.

The right choice goes way beyond their MNO relationship; you need a partner who believes that their long-term success is embedded in your own, who has invested in their people and infrastructure and has their eye on growth.

The next partner you choose should be your specialist Supply Chain provider. They should share the same motivations and commitment as your MVNA.

Your ideal Supply Chain partner will be an expert point of contact with extensive experience across numerous similar projects. They will understand MVNOs intimately and offer tried and tested value-added services that can be specifically tailored to fast track your success.

Just like the best Aggregator, they will be committed for the long term, with the desire and ability to continually review performance and innovate, self-motivated in driving your mobile business to greater success.

Several million SIMs later…

Breeze is a premium service from Cellpak, uniquely designed for MVNOs. 
We offer unrivalled knowledge base resources to support your brand journey into a mobile offering, developing a bespoke supply chain to meet your budget and timescales.

Breeze is also available as a white label service for MVNA/Es.

Okay it’s a promo piece but the message is heartfelt.  It’s something that we hear MVNOs bemoaning regularly.  They’ve not invested enough time in getting their supply chain up to scratch and are heading for SIM fulfilment problems.

We receive a great deal of interest in Breeze from MVNO start-ups as we’ve accumulated years of practical insight into managing MVNO supply chains.  We’re operator-agnostic and have supported virtual operators from niche branded ‘community’ services to multi-national prepay / calling card providers, so we know our stuff.

We also sadly get enquiries from MVNOs who need us to save the day at very short notice – which we can and do – but our knowledge and expertise can be put to even better use when we’re involved from the start.

Much is written and commented upon about the more obvious commercial decisions around network choice, OSS/BSS selection and market analysis/approach, pricing strategy etc.  Much less is said about supply chain.  

It might not be that sexy, but from our perspective and real-world experience, there’s two key elements that make ANY business a success, not just an MVNO: product availability and supply chain efficiency.  Get this right and you are on track to not only a successful launch, but long-term customer satisfaction/retention and ongoing profitability.