MVNO strategy: Thick or Thin – the advantages of being Lean

By outsourcing supply chain, distribution and customer services, MVNO start-ups can benefit from economies of scale, infrastructure, and otherwise unavailable expertise and prior learning, to reduce risk, time and cost in bringing their service to market.  But why stop there?

Many MVNO experts extol the benefit of outsourcing to start-ups – quicker implementation, better cash flow etc. – but believe that it proves more expensive and less flexible/responsive over the longer term.  This may be true of IT systems outsourcing, but it is not necessarily the case with supply chain and customer services where an ongoing relationship allows for maximum innovation, responsiveness and flexibility as well as ongoing reduced costs.

Imagine the comparable cost of employing a team of senior-level execs who can bring track records of high performance across direct mail, packaging and point-of-sale, multi-channel fulfilment, distribution, storage and reverse logistics, customer services, response handling… that’s what a specialist and dedicated MVNO outsourcing service gives you at a fraction of the spend and turning supply chain into value chain.

We call this the lean MVNO approach.

Concrete customer benefits in a virtual relationship

Cellpak is well-known for our best-of-breed SIM card packaging and fulfilment services.  We have applied our expertise in pragmatic yet high results solutions to also offer device sourcing to MVNOs and now outsourced customer services and response handling.

Blended with our expertise in direct mail, personalisation and multi-channel fulfilment, we’re best placed to offer complete, competitive customer support: reducing the overhead of managing your third party relationships and ensuring that your brand is delivered consistently across all customer touch points.

As always, we develop bespoke solutions based on your individual needs but without starting from scratch: we’re able to deliver quickly and offer you clear advice on what works, what’s essential and what you can manage without.  Our in-depth MVNO experience delivers maximum benefit for your desired level of spend.

MVNO supply chain outsourcing allows existing players to maintain lower costs against higher service levels and focus on their absolute core business activities: branding / differentiation, marketing, pricing, allowing for a truly lean MVNO enterprise with minimal asset costs, including headcount, and a fluid infrastructure that can best weather unpredicted and unpredictable growth.