MNOs and MVNOs: three things your Twitter customers are telling you

How important is SIM card packaging and fulfillment to mobile customers?

Now we’re more than happy to admit that we’re totally obsessed with SIM packs, SIM fulfillment, SIM deliveries and the like.

We can’t help but evangelise about how important this seemingly transient moment in a mobile operator’s relationship with their customer actually is.

It is our bread and butter so we know we are a little biased. However.

Over the last several months using Twitter, we have been struck by the number of tweets about SIM packs – not from marketing twitterers – from consumers excited about their SIM packs, eagerly waiting for new SIM cards to be delivered and happy that their new SIM card has arrived.

“just found my first [MNO brand] SIM pack from years ago!!! http://twitpic…”

So now we know we’re not mad, or alone, in thinking SIM packs are exciting and cool, and believing that on-time SIM card fulfillment means a helluva lot to customers too.

We’ll elaborate more over the next few posts but for now, and for the impatient, here’s a link to our one-pager summary.