iPhone 5 trade-ins: earlier than expected, but we’re ready

We’ve got it on good authority that iphone 5s are already being traded-in with numbers increasing daily. We can’t help but wonder if this surprising news has something to do with glitches in iOS6, specifically maps.

Which begs the question: What are people using instead? Are they going back to their trusted iphone 4s or have they turned their backs on Apple all together and giving Android a go?

As ever, we’re providing solutions to today’s market and are launching our iPhone 5 Bulk Shipper (holds 100 iphone 5s, or any combination of previous models), and iPhone 5 Retail Box much earlier than we anticipated (early December).

As with our previous handset packaging solutions   (also see blog September 21) we’ve invested time and effort to make sure that, what is to some just a box, is in fact a finely crafted piece of cardboard engineering.

Order iPhone 3 and 4 bulk shipper now and watch this space for our iPhone 5 shipper that’s coming soon…