Innovation comes in many guises

The Cellpak team were invited to contribute to an in-depth feature in February’s Advanced Packaging Technology World (published by PIRA International).

The article discusses how innovative package design can enhance the consumer experience and how packaging technology is allowing brand owners to deliver new experiences to their customers via the packaging their products use.

A big subject indeed, so we were pleased to read the finished piece and see that our views were very much in line with our peers in design and packaging who had also been involved in its development.

We were also excited to see that our predictions on the future of packaging design closely matched the final position taken by the article, and had resonated with some of the best minds in our industry.

At first glance, it was a bit of a disappointment to be directly quoted (see left) on what seemed to be one of the less exciting concepts discussed, but it does sum up our approach to packaging innovation: a holistic and rigorous process of delivering packaging that performs at all levels and all stages of the supply chain.

In one of our major markets – mobile phones – consumer purchase decisions are generally made on tangible product factors: functionality, price, size, even peer influence.  In general, due to how mobile phones are retailed, a specific phone’s packaging may not even have been seen by the consumer prior to purchase.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t significant innovation happening.

Device / personal electronics packaging manufacturers such as Cellpak are continually investing time and money into R&D in order to fulfill retailer (and often consumer) demands for space and materials use reduction, enhanced product protection, security, shipping and storage efficiency. 

The ‘box-opening experience’ is still a key part of our packaging development process, delivering a powerful point-of-engagement between brand and customer that genuinely excites and pleases.  The challenge (and joy) for us is achieving that ‘Wow!’ whilst also fulfilling the other demands placed on packaging in such a fast-moving market with a very sophisticated, often complex, supply chain.

For FMCE as well as FMCG, the use of retail-ready packaging is increasing.

Cellpak is helping many brands develop packaging that resolves the often-conflicting demands of strong brand delivery versus restocking efficiency.

We produce shipping packaging that effectively protects products in transit and storage but that can be put straight onto the shop floor – often with POS materials incorporated – reducing replenishment staff overheads as well as providing a very efficient use of materials and expensive retail space.

FMCE packaging innovation can range from the sophistication of incorporating technology such as RFID tagging through to multi-purpose packaging that enables the consumer to easily return unwanted/damaged goods, or facilitate recycling at the end of the product’s usable life.

Some of the most valuable packaging innovation occurs whilst addressing sustainability and environmental issues: reducing packaging materials costs, shipping costs, and increasing protection – reducing product loss through transit/storage damage, and also through theft – innovation in tamper-evident security packaging is key.

So whilst it may not seem as ‘cool’ as the stunning holographic packaging for Beyoncé’s new perfume, Pulse that was cited in the article as an example of innovation, we’re proud that innovation is central to everything that we do.