In stock now: iPhone bulk shipper box, perfect for trade-ins

Today we’ve received another large delivery of our new specially designed iPhone bulk shipper box, ready for the huge surge in trade-ins generated by the launch of the iPhone 5.

As the press confirm that the volume of iPhone trade-ins ‘shoot through the roof’, we’re pleased to offer our customers an efficient, robust, cost- and space-effective means to manage their rapidly growing inventory.

Whilst not immediately sexy to everyone (!) we’ve invested time and passion into ensuring that we got this design just right – in size, quality, and ease of use.

The carton holds 100 iPhone handsets (3, 3s, 4 or 4s) and is manufactured to our particular spec of narrow-wall double flute, super rigid grade, corrugated board.

Building on the popular success of our existing mobile phone shipping / bulk transit cartons, the inner flaps of the carton have punched handholes for ease of handling while the carton is being filled with iPhone handsets.

The division insert is sized to offer the perfect balance of adequate protection and optimum space utilisation.

Both the inner division insert and the handset shipper carton are constructed from 80% recycled cardboard.

Have we convinced you it’s sexy yet?

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