Efficiency in the Telecoms Supply Chain

In a climate where companies are increasingly relying on their suppliers to reduce costs, improve quality, refine processes whilst maintaining ethical standards, it is organisation’s that build agile, adaptable, and aligned Supply Chains that will continue to be the most successful.

Ask yourself the following question;

Can your Supply Chain partners quickly respond to short-term changes in supply or demand without breaking into a sweat?

At Cellpak we have honed our approach in each of our Supply Chain relationships to ensure that we are fully aligned with our partners expectations. By doing this we ensure that there are no weak links in the chain. Whether we are providing a fully managed Supply Chain or parts there of, our specific knowledge of the Telecoms industry prove’s to be invaluable, time and time again.

We understand that the Mobile and Connected Device Industry has radically shifted from being supply-driven to demand-driven. The impact this has had on MVNO’s and Hardware resellers is that it is now paramount to achieve operational efficiency, this is where we can help. Our range of Tailored Products and Order Fulfillment Services can be deployed at short notice therefore avoiding disruption, downtime and excessive costs. We call it Delivering Intelligent Capability.

Cellpak : Delivering Intelligent Capability in Supply Chain with a range of integrated Packaging Products & Services tailored to Mobile, Card & Device.

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