Virtual Warehouse

Virtual Warehouse – Supply Chain, Web Order Fulfilment, Stock Call-Off & Logistics

 We have almost 2 decades of experience in providing virtual warehouse solutions to many industries.

Our warehouse is located just north of London, close to the M25. This convenient location enables easy shipment of your goods to us and also allows us to provide excellent onward travel links. We have a secure site with CCTV, 24-hour security patrol. Our facility is equipped with high bay racking, load handling equipment and road freight delivery vehicles.

As warehousing experts, we understand that effective supply chain management and smooth logistical processes require real time KPI reports. Our software allows our customers to view real time KPIs to monitor inventory levels, check shipments and ensure order accuracy. By working hand in hand with your organisation we can ensure our inventory management solutions are tailored to fit your business requirements.

As an end to end fulfilment provider we have an expert understanding of warehousing services, tailored initially for customers specialising mobile phone and tech devices, we now offer our services to a diversified customer base. We understand that individual items need to be tracked from bulk receipt through to customer delivery.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant and operate within a process driven, total quality management framework.

Tailored E-Fulfilment Services for Web Based E-Commerce Customers

We provide e-fulfilment solutions giving you the ability to quickly build high quality branded webstores. Our tailored e-fulfilment services make order processing fast and simple, giving you more time to focus on building and marketing your business.

We understand the e-commerce market and know the key to a happy end customer is exceptional service and quick delivery. With over a decade of experience and heavy investment in dedicated e-fulfilment systems our capabilities are second to none.

We understand the fulfilment requirements of e-commerce technology firms and offer a variety of services to meet all business demands.

Our e-fulfilment services allow your business to grow without the need to employ additional staff or source larger premises, whilst at the same time saving you money through the scales of economy we can offer.

As an e-fulfilment partner we can manage everything from Web-shop integration, stock control through to dispatch and reporting back to your own in-house systems.

Managed Storage and Call-Off

We act as a single source for our customers, from providing packaging design and manufacture through to bulk storage and despatch of packaging and print products.

Many customers entrust us to store and manage their offsite packaging inventory.

We operate a stock call-off service, essentially storing, picking and fulfilling stored print or packaging products to our customers on a just-in-time basis.

Our stock Call-off service supports lean manufacturing and allows our customers to purchase in larger volumes thereby benefitting from volume discounts on materials as well as make savings on larger packaging manufacturing orders and longer print runs.

Outbound Inventory Management

Our back-office software is designed to enable accurate inventory management. We know that effective inventory management requires visibility and control to optimise the handling and tracking of all products in a goods inventory. We work hand in hand with your organisation to ensure our inventory management solutions are tailored to fit your business requirements.

Our system allows stock inventory levels to be managed easily; with focused reporting ensuring you can maintain optimal stock levels to maximize the value of your working capital. By utilising our state of the art systems, you will be able to manage highly successful inventory levels through accurate forecasting.

We continually monitor our processes and carry out regular audits to ensure our warehouse operations are accurate and timely. The quality control measures we undertake are built into every aspect of the logistical operations.
Our inventory management services can provide the fine-tuned support needed to help grow your business.

Inventory Track and Trace

At Cellpak we understand the critical importance of inventory traceability. We have invested heavily in our distribution centre to ensure we can provide full track and trace services for our customers’ inventory.

We specialise in managing high-volume, high-value assets such as mobile phones, SIM cards and various devices, where individual units need to be tracked from bulk receipt through various unpacking, packaging and repacking stages.

Real Time KPI Reporting

Crucial to any business is the ability to be able to examine data and performance metrics in a visible and clear way. We understand that effective supply chain management and smooth logistical processes require real time KPI reports.

Our KPI reports ensure our own efficiency and productivity is excellent but also lead to more economical solutions for our customers.

Secure Destruction and Shredding 

We are ISO27001 compliant and adhere to all regulations related to information destruction. We ensure that all of our expert staff are fully trained in data handling and are able to undertake large or small scale destruction projects.