Product Lifecycle

Product Lifecycle Management

 We have developed a flexible logistics function to help us manage the complete product lifecycle. Our reverse logistics service is designed especially for FMCE, personal devices and mobile phones. This service supports our design and fulfilment services offering solutions for the complete product lifecycle.

This cost effective product management channel allows for the consolidation of used products, giving you the chance to resell or dispose of in a documented way. Our services include the repacking of returned items and sending on to refurbishment or recycling. We understand the need to maximize any potential value and profit left in the product lifecycle.

As mobile phone trade in and recommence has grown in popularity, we have invested heavily to ensure we are able to offer an adaptable trade in channel support system. We can sort, consolidate and repack devices ready for their next destination.

Tech Device Trade In Scheme Support

We support Device Take Back and Tech Trade-in schemes with everything from device grading to comprehensive device repack for recommence.

We offer a complete support system for mobile and tech device trade in schemes. Our packaging designers have created a range of packaging to support trade in schemes from device retail packaging to bespoke transit containers and cartons for use in-store and in transit. These device packaging solutions can all be customised to suit your brand and recommence focussed marketing campaigns. 

Device Repair Processing

Our carefully developed inventory control system offers a fully transparent service to support replace and repair processing. We use an integrated data system and activity triggered communications to give a superior ‘joined-up’ customer experience. Due to the unpredictable nature of repair processing our systems provide a scalable solution with clear visibility and tracking.

Our reverse logistical operation can work effectively in conjunction with our response handling services to manage customer repairs efficiently. By providing a quality customer experience we know that customer loyalty improves.