Finishing and Assembly

CellPak provides a comprehensive range of automated and manual services across assembly, collation, configuration and customisation.

We are natural problem solvers and we understand urgency; we can quickly develop custom production processes and will happily go the extra mile. Our highly experienced and flexible workforce provides us with the capability to meet tight deadlines and achieve high levels of accuracy.

We offer a complete standard in-house finishing solution with many specialist services such as fleece-lamination for delicate items and device customisation.

With over a decade of experience in the industry we understand what is needed to bring your product to market. For Mobile customers, we offer specialist services such as a full handset and SIM pairing solution including product customisation (the option of custom hardware/operating system based features), unlocking and de-branding, applying network settings and software applications.

We offer a one stop solution to assist in kitting requirements and product assembly. Our expert team is always on hand to advise on design and assembly techniques to optimise production and efficiency.

Hand Finishing
We have an expert finishing team working within a dedicated ‘clean room’ area, to provide a wide range of hand finishing services. Some jobs are too complex to be completed with machines and so hand finishing is required, whether it be gluing, labeling, product kitting or many of the other services we offer.

Our service is designed to meet both large and small production runs whilst maintaining a fast and reliable service. We are able to produce the absolute highest quality packaged products using hand finishing whilst being on time and within your budget.


CellPak offer a full labelling service including everything from design origination to expert hand finishing. We pride ourselves on our creativity and innovation and provide a range of packaging solutions.

We can cater to small runs for a last-minute product change or a marketing promotion, to large scale projects such as Retail barcode applications. Our flexible approach allows us to create labels in a variety of formats to best meet your requirements.