Device customisation: engraving and printing

This week, we’re very excited to launch our new device customisation service.  We now offer an engraving and printing service for personal electronics suitable for anything from iPods to iPads to iPhones; any type of smartphones, tablet, MP3 player or laptop in fact, Kindles and other eReaders – you get the idea!

We can either engrave or print complex designs onto plastic and metal housings, with excellent levels of detail.  Great for logos and signatures.

The first, most straightforward application is security marking.  We can add, for example, serial asset numbering, company names and addresses, “if found” contact telephone numbers… either directly onto a device or onto a plate securely fixed to the device.

But we admit, it does get more interesting when it gets creative…

We can’t count the number of meetings and presentations where we’ve sat opposite an open laptop lid.  We’d love to see some innovative commercial executions of how this ‘real estate’ could be used.  It would certainly make a salesperson or consultant more memorable!

More likely though, and we’re already seeing interest, we’re looking forward to working with organisations who are looking to transform a standard device into a unique promotional piece.

Excellent for charities, niche and luxury brands, and as a high-value corporate gift: why not combine a customised device with matching packaging using our packaging design and manufacturing arm?  With ourfulfilment services too, you can wholly outsource the entire process…

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