Create the perfect unboxing experience for your customers

We’ve blogged about the rise of the unboxing video before, but the challenge for any company is how to replicate that perfect unboxing experience for the customer at home. Perhaps not surprisingly, Apple actually have an ‘unboxing room’ where they replicate the customers’ unboxing experience using a range of packaging. After all, as Apple are well aware, the unboxing experience is a moment of direct contact between the manufacturer and the customer, and attention to detail creates an immediate emotional connection between product and owner.

Think Christmas

You’ll want to tap into the idea that this isn’t simply a utilitarian product, it’s a gift. We associate receiving gifts with a complex range of emotions to do with value, appreciation and love. You may be surprised, but when you watch an unboxing video, those are the emotions at play. Capture that experience in your packaging and your customers will want to reach out and share their unboxing experiences too.

Make a visceral connection

This is not simply about being cohesive with your branding throughout the unboxing experience. It’s about getting customers to interact directly with your product. Each element of the unboxing experience should create a surprise, another element that adds to the overall value proposition of your product through the care taken in packaging every element.

Make it personal by including a card that urges your customer to interact with your company, either via direct feedback that can improve the way you interact with your customers or through an invitation to share the unboxing experience with you.

Make it easy

Don’t make your protective packaging a barrier between your customer and the product. Give clear instructions on how each piece of packaging can be opened. Your customers will thank you for it and those details show a level of care and attention they’ll appreciate. Likewise, never overpackage. Don’t confuse a high-quality unboxing experience with simply stuffing a box with packaging materials, which can be frustrating to customers. Packaging should always be adequate but that doesn’t mean it can’t be creative.

Creating the right unboxing experience for your customers takes thought and planning, but Cellpak are here to help. Contact us and we’ll help you create a premium and satisfying unboxing experience for your customers.