Cellpak launches unique zero-commission SIM card order fulfilment with Sim-Centric

Cellpak Solutions Ltd now offer zero-commission SIM card fulfilment to customers using their proprietary Sim-Centric service – an offer that’s unique in the market today.

Sim-Centric is a multi-channel SIM inventory and fulfilment service backed up by a bespoke management system that is easily integrated with any existing ecommerce website, CRM, OSS/BSS or EPOS system.

“The Sim-Centric system now gives our MNO and MVNO clients the complete transparency and real-time control that confirms their confidence in our outsourced service and ensures that their end customers are always informed and satisfied.” states Dominic Bryant, managing director.

Mobile operator clients can view and manage their SIM inventory by status – e.g. raw SIM, packed SIM, dispatched SIM – and monitor corresponding base stock levels of branded packaging, allowing for better inventory and cashflow optimisation.

Orders can be tracked in real time: per order, customer, brand and channel, by both the operator and their B2B and B2C end customers. With a 15-minute order response time, bespoke packing requirements including pairing (matching of SIM to top-up card, mobile handset or other device) or collating (inclusion of top-up vouchers or other printed materials) can be assigned to differing order types.

“We’ve always offered a fully-managed end-to-end SIM supply chain solution: from packaging design, production and storage,secure SIM card virtual warehousing, to web, phone and SMS order processing by our dedicated customer service team,” Bryant continues, “Sim-Centric adds the real-time reporting visibility and speed of response that dynamic mobile brands need.”

“We’ve worked hard to ensure the service is cost-effective with no hidden charges or commissions: after a one-off set-up cost, orders are dispatched on a pre-agreed pick, pack & dispatch rate per SIM. No one else is offering this service.”

About Cellpak

Cellpak is a creative provider of end-to-end packaging and fulfilment solutions, specifically tailored to Card and Device.

We are trusted by our partners to add value, combining expertise and adeptness to deliver intelligent capability across a range of innovative products and services.

More information on Cellpak Solutions Ltd can be found at http://cellpaksolutions.com

Contact Information:

Dom Bryant, Managing Director

Tel: 01992 653113