Telecoms Operator

An industry-leading Supply Chain Solution provider dedicated to the Mobile Telecoms sector

Pak’d, previously known as Breeze by Cellpak, emerged in response to a clear market demand for a turnkey go to market service for mobile network operators. Exclusively serving mobile network operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) with spectrum of bespoke Mobile phone and SIM-only logistical services, alongside device & SIM packaging, marketing, distribution and point-of-sale materials.

Service Features

Our comprehensive technical prowess enables effective management of your mobile phone and SIM card product and packaging supply chains. With Pak’d, you have the opportunity to engage with a singular, highly adept, creative, and adaptable service partner, ready to enhance the value within your marketing production and supply chain functions.

Our team of mobile industry specialists excels at every step in the journey, from meticulous product packaging development to responsible end-to-end managed fulfilment.

Drawing from extensive industry experience and unrivalled knowledge spanning mobile phone packaging design, development, production, contract packing, storage, fulfilment, distribution, and reverse logistics,

Pak’d stands as an attractive partner for consumer brands aspiring to venture into the realm of MNVOs, guaranteeing unparalleled support and expertise. Please visit for further information.

Refurbished Device Expert RePack Solutions

Our packaging designers have created a range of packaging to support trade in schemes from device retail packaging to bespoke transit containers and cartons for use in-store and in transit. These device packaging solutions can all be customised to suit your brand and marketing campaigns.

Our e-commerce website is internationally recognised as the leading resource for Mobile Phone and Device packaging solutions.