Card Fulfilment

Presenting your branded card in the best possible way, sealed in a fully printed cardboard wallet with barcode labelling, bulk packaged and retail ready. Personalised letters, lanyards inserted, custom envelopes, printed wallets and more.

Service Features

Delivering your branded card in an impactful manner. Our approach focuses on using fully printed cardboard wallets and carriers, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality. These branded wallets and carriers act as an extension of your brand, showcasing your visual identity to customers. The inclusion of barcode labeling adds a layer of efficiency, facilitating organised tracking and inventory management, a crucial aspect in the fast-paced retail environment.

Beyond the outer packaging, our commitment to personalisation goes a step further. Each card is enveloped in a carefully crafted, custom-designed mailer pack. Our personalisation extends to include additional elements such as personalised letters, branded lanyards, and promotional inserts.