Can you take a sample of our existing packaging and produce a cost from it?

Costing existing packaging is obviously a very common request, and one which we’re happy to undertake, but rather than simply costing up your existing packaging we would normally take the process further and highlight any improvements we could make at the same time.

When asked to cost up existing packaging from a sample, we would consider improvements to the performance of your packaging such as:

  • reducing excess packaging material
  • removing unnecessary pack space
  • adding SRP (shelf-ready packaging) and RRP (retail-ready packaging) functionality
  • performing package drop test to determine over spec or under spec packaging
  • applying our own EIPPA (environmental impacts of product packaging assessment) to ensure your packaging is as green as it could be

The overall goal would always be to improve on not only price but also the quality and performance of your packaging.

The true cost of packaging design

A unit of packaging has a unit cost that is an easy target for cost reduction.  This is a valid exercise but does not always reflect the role and impact of packaging on the supply chain as a whole.

Over the last year, we’ve seen a growing number of long-serving packaging styles being challenged with new concept designs that have been developed to improve efficiency in the supply chain, to make them easier to display at retail and store at home – two of the best and most well-known are the square Heineken bottle by Petit Romain and square Dulux concept paint can by Founded.

Retail-ready packaging is becoming commonplace, with secondary packaging converting into display units, saving time and money in replenishing store shelves.

For many of our SIM card and mobile / smartphone packaging customers, effective mailer packaging is of equal or higher importance to retail packaging – where display is not the primary consideration, the first impression created for many customers centres around their perception of how wasteful the packaging is – and, of course, that the product arrived intact.

Eco-Grip™ is our innovative mobile phone mailing product, which securely holds a single handset in a lightweight yet strong and protective packet for low cost shipment.  In two parts, the mobile phone handset is placed inside a flexible inner bladder pack, which then slots into the centre of the strong rigid cardboard outer, securely and precisely holding the mobile phone for posting.

The Eco-Grip™ cardboard outer can be easily customised with a logo, branding and product information, making it more than a simple utility transit pack.